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The 5 Milestones of Health Policy Making

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Healthcare policy is a piece of art that requires skills, techniques and processes to be perfectly created and successfully implemented. Based on experience, policy making in most of healthcare institutions is started with a need and finishes at the dissemination (distribution) stage. Rarely to see policy goes beyond that. Some organizations consider documenting the staff awareness and knowledge about the existence of policies is more than enough to ensure their implementation in the practice. Some others go with the unpredicted visits to the staff and work areas to monitor the implementation of these policies in practice. However, all of these practices are very appreciated but must be included with many other strategies to achieve their intended goals & outcomes. The following are the basic milestones for any policy in order to be implemented successfully in work place and achieve the desired outcomes:

  1. Policy Development

  2. Policy Dissemination

  3. Policy Implementation

  4. Policy Monitoring

  5. Policy Evaluation

Each step of these milestones are equally important to the other. Healthcare stakeholders and policy makers need to consider them when creating their policies in order to have a successful policy system.

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